Northern Stars Education Program


Our students get their grade 12, as well as skills in the trades, like carpentry!

Northern Stars Education Program
We are setting up a new program in order to save the school. We’ve incorporated the name “North Stars Education Program” as a not-for-profit organization that will serve as our foundation for the new school. We already have teachers and staff from the old school who are ready and willing to start new – and we have many organizations and First Nations interested in helping out. But we need to raise seed money to get our program going.
They know that we have the experience and credibility to keep our program running. But we need to save our school before September, so our students can return!

This program is completely non-profit. The Northern Stars Education Program Inc. board is comprised of seven Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal members and three advisors with formidable experience in education, program development, cultural programming, business management, finance, construction, green technology and advocacy.
With your help we can make our new school a reality.

One thought on “Northern Stars Education Program

  1. Do you have charity status? i.e. issue donation receipts for tax purposes?
    I am considering a donation


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