About SOS

Our program is shutting down.

We are staff and students from an education program formally located on Ellice Ave.

After 14 years of providing education and skills to Aboriginal youth in Winnipeg, our existing school is closing. This puts the future of dozens of at-risk Winnipeg youth in limbo. Our goal, as a grassroots movement, is to establish the first YouthBuild International Program in Canada, in order to save our school, and ensure these youth have a program to return to in September.

The program would be located in Winnipeg, Manitoba and would cater to Aboriginal youth who want to work, earn their Mature Grade 12 and transition towards a meaningful career.

Our original program was funded by First Nations bands and the Provincial Government. But those funds have dried up, and we’re seeking new partners!

We are organizing a movement to raise funds to help start up the new school! Our main goal is to raise start-up funds, and then work with the First Nations bands and government for long-term funding. Check out our donors and supporters page to see who already has the confidence that we can continue providing an excellent program for at-risk and Aboriginal youth!

Please make a donation today! Everything helps!

Making a Difference
For the past fourteen years our program has made a real impact with over 150 graduates in the last six years alone. Our successes also go well beyond the classroom with our graduates strengthening the fabric of their families and of their communities. With many of our students traveling to Winnipeg from their northern communities, our program becomes their home away from home. Without our program our students may not find the supports they need in order to succeed.

Real Challenges
Moving to Winnipeg to go to school is a reality for thousands of Aboriginal Youth across Canada. Manitoba is home to 63 First Nation communities yet 42 of them do not have a high school. This means that many Aboriginal Youth must leave their families behind to go to school during a critical time in their life. Fitting in, finding the right school, making new friends, loneliness and racism are some of the barriers Aboriginal Youth have to face in the big city.
Our school offers the supports our students need so they can deal with the stresses of life in the big city including counselling, peer supports, cultural teachings and life skills classes.

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